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Assen (NL), 05 August 2015
Opel Vauxhall Dealers announce collaboration on a Digital Retail Strategy
Opel Vauxhall dealers have agreed a plan with the manufacturer on a joint initiative to ensure Digital capabilities are integrated for their dealer networks in Europe, to improve Customer experience in both Sales and Aftersales.
A multi-national team of dealers was recently assembled in Frankfurt to develop the strategy, which will run through 2022 in line with Opel Vauxhall’s ‘Drive 2022’ plan. The initiative will include a roadmap for Dealer IT infrastructure, together with the key tools and customer data enablers to deliver a consistent & connected journey for Opel Vauxhall customers.
Speaking in Vienna, Peter List, Chairman of the dealer body Euroda, said: “This is a major milestone which underlines the cooperation between Opel Vauxhall dealers and our manufacturer colleagues. This plan will help to ensure our members make the right investments in technology for the future”.
Andreas Barchetti, Opel Dealer member of Euroda, who spearheaded the initiative in his role as chairman of the Retail Systems Council, said “This is a new chapter in our joint commitment with Opel to deliver the very best customer experience. By collaborating closely with Opel and keeping a focus on the customers’ requirements we will commit to a shared roadmap to ensure that we deliver a seamless customer journey.”
He added: “The focus is not just on systems and process. We have to remember that it is our people in the dealerships that can make a really difference to the customers experience. We need to support them with the right tools to deliver the best experience for the customer.”
Jonathan Rees, Director European Retail Network Development said “We have worked jointly with our Dealer partners and have mutually agreed on the principles which will guide our developments in this space for the future. Dealers will see benefits over time as we seek to develop and implement a seamless, integrated journey for our customers”.