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1 Euroda Press Release May 2017 def PRESS RELEASE Bratislava (SK), May 12 2017 ELECTION OF THE EURODA BOARD PRESS RELEASE EURODA (European Opel/Vauxhall Dealer Association) ROMAN STILL 5TH BOARD MEMBER EURODA AND 4 MEMBERS RE-ELECTED During the General Spring Meeting of EURODA, the European Opel/Vauxhall Dealer Association, held in Bratislava, Slovakia on May 12th 2017, Roman Still (Germany) was appointed as a board member to replace Esko Thu"llen, Germany, who was not eligible for re-election. The other four board members were eligible for re-election. In the election that followed in the mentioned Meeting they were all unanimously re-elected by the EURODA members to be board members until 2020. As a result of the appointment of Roman Still and the re-election of the other members, the new board now consists of Peter List (Austria, chairman), Andreas Barchetti (Italy, vice chairman/treasurer), Jo'zef Haller (Poland, board member) Mike Hutchin (UK, secretary) and Roman Still (Germany, board member). Jo'zef Haller, Mike Hutchin, Peter List, Andreas Barchetti and Roman Still Not for publication: for further info you can contact the Euroda secretariat: Ms. Sandra Hoekman, E-mail: